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It's a New Day

Taking a few days to be quiet and thankful. I brought my little Mozart. He loves beach walks and hasn't had the opportunity since February 2020. He's very happy to be here.

While I'm here, I'll be creating a new business plan to 2023 and planning a BLACK FRIDAY CAMPAIGN.

If you haven't visited my website recently, you might not be aware of a few discontinued and on sale items. The prices are too good to pass up and each is our usual high quality. We only discontinue when we want to add some new items and we did that with our Fall Favorites.

The farmers market where we meet customers every Saturday had a change of scenery in October. That resulted in less traffic and fewer sales. Our loss will be your gain. There is a new price on Fall Favorites, online. Just click and save. If you're a market customer, you only need to ask for the discount.

There is also a new and wonderful fragrance in the Luxury Formula category. Tobacco and Vanilla is proving to be a real hit and you can shop for the soap here.

I'll be home in time for the Saturday market.

Be sure and shop online (BLACK FRIDAY) or drop into the market for all your holiday needs. We have some stocking stuffer sizes available at the market.

Until next time,


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1 Comment

Susan Tucker
Susan Tucker
Nov 21, 2022

Was just about to order but I think I might wait until Friday!! Excitedly waiting!

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