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Blue Waters

Our Story

Healthy Skin” is our motto.

Mimi’s Soaps makes handmade soaps, small batch skincare, lotions, butters, and more using the finest ingredients possible.  We’re happy to include sustainable palm oil in our list.


Mimi’s scent selections include a core of long-time favorites and fragrances that come and go with the season.  We like to try new scents as often as we can.

How We Got Started

Mimi’s inspiration arose from purchasing a bar of soap, made to use as both soap and shampoo, at a street festival.  She was losing a lot of hair at the time.  She absolutely loved the soap.  The hair loss was a thyroid issue, but the soap was a keeper.  Mimi was driving to Stokesdale to get more, and her husband asked why she didn't make it herself.  She bought a soap making book and it turned out to have the exact recipe as the soap she had been using.  After taking a class to experience the process she moved forward. The first soap was made on Y2K New Year's Eve Midnight 12/31/2001.  The recipe made 39 bars, so she had to give some of it away.  Recipients wanted more and the rest is history. 


“Healthy Skin” grew as a product goal.  Mimi loved making soap.  The first actual formulation of a recipe was called "From Far Off," a term from Proverbs 31.  That name did not sell.  The formula included everything she could do to make a soap that was very beneficial to dry skin.  After changing the name to "Healthy Skin" it became Mimi’s best seller.  As people began to share their stories about improvement to their skin, she was inspired to keep that up.  


Mimi then taught herself to make goat milk lotion and that process led the way to “Alligator Butter,” Alligator Butter came from pursuing the best things to improve dry skin and it turned into a product that many report to "heal" some of their most serious skin problems.  Mimi doesn't make that claim, she just reports what many customers have shared over the years.

Skin care was an epiphany.  Mimi was headed to a department store for an expensive eye cream when it occurred to her, she could make her own.  There is now a large collection of products available to help everyone maintain a glowing face.


Products now arise from customer requests and Mimi strives to help every one have “Healthy Skin.”

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