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Hello I am Carol Pryor and I love making soap and coming up with new scents using fragrance and essential oils.  I started Mimi's Soaps in 2001 as a home-based business carefully experimenting and making new products.  My passion for healthier skin has led to the creation of some wonderful products that are great for your skin and can help restore and heal damages caused by common skin ailments and conditions.  We extended our name to Skin By Mimi in 2022 because we are ALL ABOUT SKIN.

My line of products include:

Superfatted Therapeutic Soaps

Alligator Butter (our exclusive formula)

Skin Care for your face

Solid Shampoo Discs

Luxury Aloe & Silk Soaps

Lip Balm 

Shower Oils

Body Butters

Goat's Milk Lotion           

Sugar Scrubs

Bath Salts

Soy Candles

The handmade soaps are detergent free and made with the finest oils and butters to create a natural handcrafted soap that is gentle to the skin. Many of our soaps are also enriched with raw shea butter. The colors are from natural sources and there are many varieties scented with essential oils. I also make more than just soaps, the bath and body collection has expanded into lip balms, lip scrubs, handcrafted lotions, sugar scrubs, foaming scrubs, a complete facial line and our famous Alligator Butter (which provides real moisture in all seasons)!


In 2021 I expanded into Soy Candles, and your favorite fragrances are now available in good quality, long burning candles.  Now you can have your favorite fragrance throughout the house and not just on your skin!

I hope you will enjoy my soaps and other products as much as I enjoy making them. Take a look around our website and experience a whole new way to healthier and happier skin!

Carol "Mimi" Pryor

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