Fall Collection

Fall Collection

Four amazing fragrances return.  Each was sought after in 2021 and now they're our classic shape and size.

Cracklin' Birch - woods, smoke, leaves on the ground, and everything else for falling into Fall.

Aples & Cinnamon - classic with standing orders every time we bring it back.

Balsam Citrus - beautiful balsam fir surrounded by sparkling notes of orange, grapefruit and crushed cranberries with a background of sandalwood, clove & cinnamon.  WE'RE PROBABLY PUSHING THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH THIS ONE.

Sweet Pumpkin -  yummy, freshly baked pumpkin pie with notes of buttery cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and lemon peel.  BURNS IN MIMI'S OFFICE IN FALL.