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Kissing frogs

Shampoo 101 is a PITA. One must kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince and try a lot of formulas to be prepared to offer you the royal treatment for shampoo.

First formulas were great and testers loved them. Upon making them with the chosen molds, I found they were a horror to mold and looked a little (lot) rough. Marketing often requires eye candy and that was truly lacking. Technique also has a major learning curve. Ratios of liquid to solid paired with premium ingredients have been challenging. SO, scratch what was before. We think we've arrived at the perfect bar and we still plan an Earth Day weekend premier (at introductory prices). What you will be offered is several fragrances of a conditioning shampoo bar that has no (zero) waste. The packaging will be a compostable bag. Planned fragrances are yet to be decided, but Purely Herbal (Amelia's Gift fragrance), Rosemary Mint, and Legend (our best selling guy fragrance) are already sure. We need a fruity (maybe Black Raspberry Vanilla) and couple of other essential oil scented offerings. I want Gypsy Rose. What do you want?

Conditionering and detangling bars will hopefully follow shampoos.

On another note, we want to THANK YOU for your continued support. January and February can be lean, but many faithful customers have made the difference for us.

Until next time,


Shampoos should go online March 22.

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Rosemary mint and the Amelia's gift sound awesome! Excited to try!


Mrs Hale
Mrs Hale
Feb 27

I love Gypsy Rose! Very excited to hear about possible conditioning bars!

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