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GYPSY ROSE - Conditioning shampoo for normal to dry hair is ready for sampling. Quantities are limited and need local pickup or addition to a new order (while they last).

I love mine! Feedback is expected.

Rosemary Mint - conditioning shampoo for normal to oily hair should be ready in a few days. Samples only same as above.

LONG STORY short. In March 2023, I began experiencing serious shoulder pain. With due diligence I finally got an MRI and diagnosis. I have a torn rotator cuff, but not bad enough for surgery. The shoulder was inflamed and edema was present. This salve, made by a friend, saved my sanity. I applied for three consecutive nights and my pain was reduced enough to work again and swelling disappeared. I stand behind this product as it relates to my symptoms and you can purchase from me here.

I'm also spending time in physical therapy and babying my shoulder all I can.

$$$ There are some discounts on the site; Witches Brew, Orange & Cranberry, Warm Maple Bourbon, Brazillian Clay (I love clay soaps), and Medicine Man (overstocked and a great winter head opener) are all $5.00 a bar while they last.

I'm now working on the site to add a product review opportunity. While you wait for me to master that task I hope you'll take the time to give Mimi a plug on Facebook by clicking the link. I often use this page to update customers on events, sales, and other important information. You're likely missing out on important information and should like and follow the page.


Last time I spoke with you I mentioned many appointments. Without all the details, let me tell you how important an x-ray can be. Symptom one was severe leg cramps only while lying in bed. Symptom two was I CAN'T WALK. Of course I went to chiropractor one. Described my symptoms (I managed to walk again) and got an explanation and adjustments for a while. I wasn't noticing much change. Enter chiropractor two. Full evaluation beginning with an x-ray. Immediately under acute care. The findings were unexpected and would have been crippling. Now I see this guy three times a week and I can see and feel results. Ask for an x-ray wherever you go.

AND I'm now teaching beginner sourdough baking classes.

So just like last month I'm BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.

More soon,


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