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Knowing me you probably think I am referring to the coast of North Carolina. I wish!!

To be quite honest with you, I've been coasting along as a business owner. These days marketing has gone beyond my comfort zone. Posting every day, offering discounts to generate sales (that trains shoppers to wait for a sale), creating bundles and on and on, isn't what I do.

What I do is create superior quality at an affordable price. Word of mouth has been my best advertisement for over 20 years. So, I'm coasting on reputation and great customer service. The affordable price has become more difficult through COVID and with the recession going on now. I have made and I am testing a new formulation that should help with that. I don't intend to compromise the quality of Mimi's Soaps, but just to maintain a decent profit margin.

SO!! enough about that.

Today I posted my the offerings for fall. I've also put several fragrances on sale (think Christmas gifts). If something doesn't sell all that well, I'm discontinuing it and making something new (or a previous favorite that deserves another chance) to fill it's spot.

Left to right you'll see "Warm Maple Bourbon" which is my personal favorite. "Witches Brew" a very lightly scented blend of patchouli and spices. "Apples and Cinnamon" is our longest running fall fragrance and it's name is quite accurate.

Here's a quick link for you to get started;

Another new thing is unscented, vegan oatmeal soap. Shop here:

The holiday season is looming large on my radar. I'll make a strong effort to inform you of new fragrances and events.

Until then, HAPPY FALL Y'LL!!

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