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All Rested Up

You may not have noticed, but Mimi has been on a mini staycay. Orders have been filled, market has been attended and bills have been paid, but any available free time has been spent outdoors. Old beds, like the one pictured, have been renewed. Permanent plantings have been weeded and loved-on. Developing areas have been monitored. AND the best part is new gardens/beds are being planned. More on that another day.

Now that that's all complete, there's a renewed focus on customer relations and product selection. You know customers are number one here. There's usually one new soap scent on the horizon and this time you get to choose. There are three options available and feedback is requested. Comment on this post and a Facebook comment would be nice, too.

Option #1 - Baby girl and Mimi went shopping recently and ran across a scent we wanted to copy. I can't use the name Champagne Toast, but I can make and call that scent anything I like. The scent developer describes the scent as follows; This lively-spirited and celebratory aroma is certainly one you'll want to raise a glass to! Crisp, effervescent notes of sparkling champagne take the spotlight, as nuances of sweet, succulent nectarine playfully tease and tantalize the senses with lip-smacking glee! An illuminating base of juicy, ripe black currant completes this festive accord, accentuating this buoyant blend, and creating a sentiment of merriment with its delightfully cheerful ambiance of scent.

Option #2 - This one comes from searching for citrus scents. They are hard to get to stick in soap and fingers are crossed, if you choose this one. Satsuma Orange fragrant oil will be blended with pure orange essential oil to create a bold orange fragrance that we will probably call Orange Grove.

Option #3 - More orange, but what a twist. Sun Kissed Cocoa would be a knock off of a scent made famous by Lush. Orange and chocolate create a memorable fragrance. This option will be made in our 18 bar mold and the shape will be slightly different. Only 4 ounces of the fragrance was ordered and it seems to be just right for that quantity of soap batter.

Please let us know which option you'd be interested in trying and we will make it this soon.

Until next time,


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Wilma Jones
Wilma Jones
Jun 29, 2022

Orange Grove!


Champagne toast for the win ! ❤️


Susan Kallam
Susan Kallam
Jun 28, 2022

My first choice is Orange Grove, Champaign Toast is a very close second. 😃

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