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Seasons Change

Well, it is turning cold. There hasn’t even been a frost and now there’s a freeze warning. This lovely canna lily will probably be black in the morning. Such is life.

It has been mighty cold all day and we’ve planned Campbell’s Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner on our first really cold day.

I walked out early to see what was going on in the gardens. I spotted the canna and if you look very closely there’s a tiny purple bloom from a hydrangea just behind it. Late things always catch my eye.

Spotted the Canna and if you look very closely there’s a tiny purple bloom from a Hydrangea

Chrysanthemums beautify when you’ve mostly neglected them. I did keep this one trimmed until early July and have been richly rewarded.

Tomorrow begins serious holiday preparations for Mimi’s Soaps. Smaller sized Alligator Butter for stocking stuffers. New Foaming Body Scrub fragrances for fall and winter will also be created. Most of your holiday soap favorites including Mistletoe Kiss and Balsam & Citrus with matching candles will be available online and at the curb market.

Please remember and attend the first Craft Show at the market. Nov. 14.

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