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Morning Thoughts and Things

Mornings, for some, are all about coffee. Mimi is no exception. I pace myself so I have caffeine at my desk and kick my day in gear. A significant amount of time is spent at this computer. Supplies are ordered, orders are printed to fill and labels are prepared and printed to ship. All our labels originate and are printed from the computer. Bookkeeping software and online banking consume a part of most mornings and all these tasks move smoothly with a Cuppa Joe.

Last week, I posted a new coffee soap to Instagram and Facebook and added 18 bars to our website. At the same time I was communicating with Hello Bagel and telling Lora about our newest soaps. Lora is a former farmers market customer who moved to Blacksburg, VA., opened a bagel shop and added Mimi’s Soaps to her offerings. I shared the newest soap and she proceeded to purchase all 18. We customized the label and it’s now a signature soap for her shop.

This morning I made a second batch of Cuppa Joe. They will be ready in about 30 days. I’ll repost to social media when they are ready. That’s the quickest way for me to get the word out. Be sure you’re following us and check in regularly so our posts show up for you when published.

Other thoughts and things are me questioning how successful this blog is. Is it a thoughtful way to stay in touch with friends/customers? Is it as one-sided as it sometimes feels? What can I do to make it worth your read?

Please feel free to answer these questions and offer comments below.

Until next time,


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