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Making Soap in Faith

Tricky thing, guessing what our customers will love. It takes 30 days to properly cure a soap, We’re already in holiday gear and we just introduced our luxury line. First make was 12 bars of each. They showed up at the market last weekend and we sold two of the ones that we just made again. Two. On faith Mimi made 24 more bars. Faith in our products, faith in our customers, and faith in something greater to pull us through. We’ve being following this tricky inventory control strategy for 20 years. We run short more often than we don’t sell. That is thanks to all of you.

These bars are Birchwood Oud. It’s seriously guy and in Mimi’s shower for personal use. That tells you why there are 24 getting ready for our first craft show, Nov. 14. Everyone will love them. They make a perfect gift paired with a matching body butter. Time to call it a day, break my fast, and get ready to 4:30 am.

Y’all have a great weekend.

We hope to see you tomorrow,


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