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It's Been A Minute

Good morning All,

Yes, it has been a while since I shared with you. I’ve been busy with personal stuff, accounting stuff, and best of all your stuff. We had a nice response to a FLASH event over the weekend and I’ll be making more Alligator Butter to ship tomorrow. I hope you didn’t miss that email. Alligator Butter is a seriously appreciated gift any time.

We’re still adding new scents and will soon offer Cuppa Joe, Ritual (awesome renewing scent), and Local Brew (beer soap). These will keep coming through the giving season and beyond if response is good.

Most everyone is aware that raw materials and packaging have spotty availability. That applies here, too. Our 4 oz candle jars will not be available again until January. We have a few left and they will be at the curb market only. Our 8 oz candles are available both at market and here.

Thanks for taking a minute.

We’ll talk again soon,


REMEMBER TO SHOP LOCAL!!!! That’s not limited to Mimi’s. All small businesses and restaurants are working hard during tough times.

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