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Things go BUMP

All the beauty around us should remind us of what is real and important. Small business owners usually feel, from day to day, that they're circling the drain. Each BUMP feels like the one that will tip them over the edge into that spiral. That is seldom the case. The BUMP levels off or vanishes and sometimes turns into a BENEFIT. This week Mimi is putting together an informational email to make our customer base aware of a few temporary changes and a resulting benefit. Picture taken on the way to the mailbox to ship something to you.

In early 2020 the City of Greensboro began a major renovation of the building that houses Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. As you know this is Mimi's Saturday retail location. That project got put on hold as a pandemic swept through our lives. Talk about a BUMP. In October, the renewed renovation project will send the market outdoors for a Fall Festival. See that BENEFIT. October outdoors is grand and market management has special events, exhibits, and other great things lined up for three Saturdays. Oct. 8, 15, and 22.

And BUMP! Mimi's display and inventory are very difficult to reset to an outdoor setting with less table space. So we will be present with limited inventory.

And BENEFIT! Mimi's now offers a discount code for market pickup when shopping at our online store - This can also be used by those of you to whom I deliver locally. The discount code is PCKUP and you get free shipping. Mimi has been searching for a way to do this and the bump pushed the creation of the code. We've tried pickup before and people all over the country would choose the option because it was free. Mimi had to make contact, cancel the order, and expect the customer to reorder. Yay, the issue has been solved. Please order by noon on Fridays for market pickup. There was also the issue of credit card fees associated with refunding the shipping for those to whom I deliver, locally. Mimi paid the fee on the whole order including the shipping. Credit card fees are a curse. We'll not labor the issue, but suggest you consider cash when shopping with local businesses. They're paying a fee for every transaction. Lately, Mimi has seen at least 75% of market purchases on plastic. Not a complaint exactly and we welcome customers to do what is convenient for them.

Another important note is a short absence to refresh before the holiday season gets too crazy. Our website is open 24/7 but we're pausing order fulfillment for five days. Orders place after 12:00 noon on September 23 will be filled September 29. Sorry for any inconvenience, but the beach calls every September.

Until next time,


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1 Comment

Susan Tucker
Susan Tucker
Sep 21, 2022

Love the PCKUP! Placing an order soon. Loved the Orange Grove! Smells amazing!

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