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Snow Day

Snow Day is a misleading title. I’m actually iced in. I love walking to work after a snowfall. Quiet, clear, and peaceful best describes the air after snow falls. This morning I find myself unable to walk on the thick layer of sleet that fell yesterday. I can’t even safely walk to the car to forge ahead and that would probably be a disaster, too.

In the meantime, I’m working remotely to clear out and/or edit labels, emails, and files. I’m amazed at how many soap labels have accumulated over time. I’m even inspired to bring some fragrances back for a trial run. “Nag Champa” will be one of those. The soft scent of classic incense should be available in early March. I’m choosing which formula to use and might even formulate something new.

In other news, the farm picked up some new laying hens last week. Quite out of the blue, we were able to purchase cream legbar hens and a rooster. These ladies lay pretty blue eggs making mixed color cartons which everybody seems to like. We are also raising rhode island reds and a handful of “easter eggers” for spring production. Although we do not slaughter older hens we do have to add layers to keep up with demand.

Working remotely also means time for bread baking and naps. My starter is fed and doubling for both a sandwich loaf and a classic boule. Yummy times ahead.

I guess it time to get back to files so I’ll bid you farewell until next time.

Best regards,


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