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Sneak Peak and Updates

Good morning to my great customer/friends. Seems I get to know each of you by your ordering/shopping habits. I know if it’s your first online order, I remember what you like just by seeing your face. Some of you never buy soap, some of you buy nothing else. All of that is just fine with me. “Healthy Skin” is our motto and we let you choose your personal definition.

Today is a rather difficult day for us. Decision making is the toughest part of any business. Some time last summer, on the advise of a business consultant, we dropped our shipping to $5 flat rate. Sounds good. Makes it convenient to stay home from the market or encourage you to shop online. As much as I would like to do both of those things, you ultimately do not want me to do that. Shipping has cost me $110 in 2022 alone. You really don’t want me to do that. You respect me and my products and want me to be compensated for what I’m providing for you.

Like all businesses we try to keep a fresh face before the public. This week, we had a new logo developed. it will be a while before it appears on a new and better website or any of our products. Here’s a sneak peak. Be sure and read the tag line.

Until next time,


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