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Out of Hibernation!!

Hello All,

Mimi has been taking some time for personal projects. I've redecorated a few room in the house, held a baby shower, purged a couple of closets, and generally treated myself gently since early February.

Along with those projects, I have been able to restore our product inventory on

I haven't really headed out to the gardens, but I have been keeping my eye open as I go about my other chores.

This iris, expected in May, arrived in early March. I cut it the day before our "snow" event.

Another piece of news is the revitalization of "Amelia's Gift" .

You will remember the introduction of this tribute soap. Just before the holidays Amelia's daughter Jennifer decided to continue her mother's practice of giving out soaps. She and I are very happy this is happening.

This size soap is also available as favors for showers, weddings, and parties, etc. Contact us here for details.

FYI I'm back to full steam. Join me at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, every Saturday 8:00 am until noon (7:30 am beginning April 1).

I'm also about to launch a "Welcome Spring" sale for all my online customers. There will be some special pricing and free shipping for orders over $75.00. (There will be an anniversary sale for market customers on April 15th.)

Don't forget to also check out our soy candles. Mr Mimi makes these and customers tell us they are the best scents around and also the longest burning.

Sale begins at at noon today (3/20) and runs thru midnight Thursday 3/23. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO STOCK UP.

Until next time,


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