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Just A Little Nervous

Early morning greetings to you all.

Yes, I’m nervous. Bringing a new product to market is always a little scary. Will you want it, will you see the need, can I properly convey the product’s value and of course will you buy it. New packaging, new label stock, extra time for research and development and lots of prayer have gone into this.

Along with this new product we are also introducing 6 new fragrances and the bars have a slightly different shape. I can make fewer with a new mold and not get stuck with lots of soap if you do not just love them, New scents can be tricky.

There’s also a new line of soaps. Aloe and silk have been included in our newest soap formula and the results are just WOW. A friend is using a bar as a sample and she loves it. There’s a lightly scented body butter, which I personally love, to match. This will be this season’s greatest gift purchase. There’s a different price point here and again I’m a little nervous.

Did I mention Cocoa Butter Bath Melts? I’ll leave that one for another day.

Please drop into the market, this Saturday, for moral support and to offer input as needed. Can’t attend? No worries. See “What’s New” online.

Thanks for letting me get through these last minute jitters.

Hope to see you soon,


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