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Ingredients from the Earth!

Clay is one of my favorite ingredients to use when formulating and making very special products. Clay has numerous benefits for your skin; such as,

  • cleansing and rejuvenating by sloughing off dead skin cells

  • drawing oil and impurities from skin

  • imparting silkiness which feels delicious and makes shaving easier.

Mimi's Soaps has three very special clay soaps.

  1. Earth, Wind, and Fire is a long time favorite of many of our customers who report great results with eczema. French rose clay along with special essential oils make a very therapeutic soap.

  2. Living In Zen is a newer addition which employs brazillian clay for color and offers the wonderful slip of a clay soap. The fragrance is very special and might be chosen for shaving.

  3. Brazil is the newest soap to have clay incorporated into the formula. Brazillian clay is a much sought-after additive in handmade soaps. We use both yellow and purple clays. Both are rich in minerals and very effective to exfoliate and cleanse.

Long before I became a soap and skincare maker, I was purchasing clay for DIY at home facial masks. During the pandemic, a customer asked me to make a mask to help with her "congested" skin that resulted from wearing a mask all day. A mask for a mask, if you will.

Deeply Clean is the product that met her needs. This mask employs both sea clay and kaolin clay to draw oils and impurities from skin. The addition of other exfoliants, nutrients and vitamins create an exceptional cleansing experience.

I hope this information is useful for you!

Until next time,


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