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Honing My Skills

Happy twosday, everyone. All these 2s remind me I’m in my 22nd year of making soap. I’ve recently been reading and researching the work of other soap makers. There’s a lot more information available than there was 22 years ago. I decided to put into practice some of the things I have learned and this "Lavender and Sage” bar is my first run. You, my customers, have always been happy with the soaps I make for you. The back door of that experience is often soaps that are difficult to handle and take a very long time to come to market. I found a new way to formulate that helps with those issues and maintains the quality I have always tried to offer. This is a small batch and the math skills to move to a larger batch will be a challenge, but I’m a whiz at percentages and if this experiment turns out well we will all benefit over time.

Something else that’s been going on behind the scenes is an effort to refresh the brand. We’re Mimi’s Soaps, but we do a lot more. We hoped to hire out for a new logo and a major refresh of the website. We have thus far been unable to have someone local work that magic for us. Things have been a little strange. One person wanted us to change our name before they would work with us. What?? The next went so far as to give us a quote and proceeded to stop answering emails. What??

If you or someone you know and trust to follow through would be interested in helping us, please contact Mimi through email; We have ideas, just lack skills.

Thanks for your assistance.

Have a great twosday,


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