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A Talking Chair

I enjoy chatting with you, but a cold looking desk area just wasn't cutting it. So, a "talking chair." It's comfy, ergonomic, and the sound out the window are just precious. Even the hawk songs that put fear into my flocks.

Today's chat is about social media. You know, that thing you use to "like" what everyone else says and does. I set up this little space for both blogging and Facebook/Instagram marketing efforts.

A couple of months ago, I engaged marketing specialists to produce this amazing new website and create a brand strategy for Mimi's. Why a brand strategy, you ask. Mimi's is very well known, you think. Well yes to you, but markets changed and the struggle is real. For 19 years, Mimi made amazing soap and somewhere between 2000 and 5000 people passed every Saturday, wholesale accounts arose and everything moved along well. Then, PANDEMIC. Things started out well as some of those folks who'd been shopping the market needed more soap and the famous Alligator Butter. That year, 2020, was sell off the inventory to pay the rent and pray, 2021 was rebuild the inventory ($$$) with considerably less traffic and prayer, 2022 is rebuild a strong customer base and attract new business as costs continue to rise and there's a limit to what Mimi will consider charging customers. And of course prayer.

Hence, Facebook marketing. Here's the problem; this strategy functions on feedback. 812 folks "like" Mimi's Soaps Facebook page and only 118 actually "follow". To make it worse, Mimi ask questions to engage her audience and those 118 folks "like" the post. Sorry, but DUH! Please answer questions.

Hopefully, tomorrow there will be an email campaign launched to help educate and move toward a remedy for the situation. In the meantime, you could visit and share your experiences with your friends . Review a product or just share a post. It only take a couple of minutes and Mimi would be eternally grateful for your help.

Many thanks and best regards until next time,


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